Up from the sea          under the sky
gentle precipitate       & volcanic upheaval
land was born               the barren land
storm-tossed rock      naked in darkness.

What is the sun            who gave the moon
what names the stars how blow the winds
where is the horn         & with what lips
was a world born           out of this void?

Deep in the sea               swims in the sea
tiny green things           feast of the swimmers
barren the rock               swarming the wave
out of the wrack              onto the rock

Creatures breathe air    under the rock
over the rock                    sun on the rock
run on the rock                hunt on the rock
under the sky &               breath of the wind.

Broken the rock               battered by waves
into a land                         soft underfoot
run on the land                feed on the land
eat of its green &              hunt on the land

Out of the land                 into the land
one with the land            walk on the land
standing upright             under the sky
breathing the air              speaking its breath

Man & woman                   into the green
unto the garden                under the heavens
born of the horn               blown in the sky
formed by the hand         that holds the horn.

Broken the horn                broken the garden
word of the serpent          Heaven’s messenger:
Thus it was not.                  Into the forest
walking upright                 went man & woman

under the sky                      the moon & the sun
upon the earth                    plant & animal
through the world             forming the words
who named the gods        who blew the horn?

Breather & speaker           friends of the horn
together they went           into the north
gathered together             beneath the tree
brown as earth                   dressed in green.

Reaching to heaven          learning to climb
manwoman up                   carrying gifts
hornblower down              looking upon them
raining the crops               turning the storms.

Later the serpent                sent by Heaven
forged in metal                    struck the tree
broke the horn.                   Went they no longer
manwoman walking          into the wood

Gifts not given                     under the green
gifts instead                          under bare wood
given to one                          nailed to bare wood
gifts repaid                            in dry bread.

Suffered they much            manwoman then
under the lash                      over the plow
hungering under                 the boards of feasting
cowering like dogs              sniffing a hand,

long suffered                         in building
worlds of rock                       burying green
the tree forgotten                the tree dying
so many rocks                      so much hunger.

The horn rediscovered      under the tree
the horn unbroken             world horn
grain horn                             ale horn
gift horn                                poured from

onto the land                       under the tree
beneath the sky                  into the sea
the blowing horn               the offering horn
the friend horn                   gift for gift.

Tear down                             the bare wood
burn it                                    with fit gifts
shank of the boar               not of the lamb.
The old horn                         is reborn.