Won’t bow. Don’t know how

This Mardi Gras Indian formula, part of a ritual exchange between the chiefs of meeting tribes, represents in context a powerful affirming statement by oppressed African-Americans. It comes to  mind when I read this line from  Our Troth, the epigraph to Ch. 8: “The god/desses are our eldest kinfolk, to whom we give the greatest love and respect, but before whom we do not kneel or bow.” [Emphasis mine] This is where my Promethean spirit finds a home with the Vanir and Æsir.

Won’t bow. Don’t know how.


One thought on “Won’t bow. Don’t know how

  1. Going prostrate does appear in the lore. Go to a Hindu temple and you’ll see it.

    On the one hand I understand refusal to bow is a reaction against Christianity. On the other hand it’s a good market differentiator even though it’s modern. We can have modern practices that we know are modern.


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