On Thursday I struggled with a writing assignment, and returned to the mantel of my hearth atop which sits my altar of sorts with an offering of fiery red curry and a glass of absinthe for the All Father. I needed the breath of inspiration again, as I had asked the week before in a whorl of job interviews for a dream writing job. I did well in three interviews in four days, the right word always to hand. A gift was owing, and with it I asked again for help.

Later that day, at the end of yoga (when we are all laying on our mats pleasantly spent and deeply relaxed), I meditated on the gods, thinking of Odin and Thor (as I have just consecrated by a daily prayer a new Mjollnir) At the end, when the class chants OM, I say Thorn. I treat the yogic path now just as I do in Tai Chi, as an aspect of my faith. Tai Chi  I offer to Thor as that path is a meditative form of kung fu. It was born from the quiet studies of warrior monks in China. I still make the fist-and-hand salute when we circle up at the end, although that is not the way of my current teacher. My salute is the book and the fist, the way of my first teacher who was of a martial arts bent.

Before yoga, I was contemplating finishing cleaning the front of the house, putting away the boxes stacked in my bedroom and giving that part of the front of the house a long overdue dusting and vacuuming. As I lay on the mat in a great state of piece, meditating, I felt the presence of two figures i took at first to be Odin and Frigg. It was very clear to me, however, that the feminine presence was wearing a large necklace. It was then I realized that this visitation was the Lord and Lady, who are often on my mind as I walk among my blessed oaks.

The lessons I took from all this is that Odin is not tight-fisted with his gifts, so long as he is repaid in gifts. (I got the article finished, although the editor who asked for it has vanished. Another test. Life is a series of them). I also learned that the gods and goddesses come to one as they see fit, and the amount of time I spend among the vættir of my blessed oaks, passing the fountain statue I call the Lady of the Oaks, had opened a door through which the Lord and Lady came. Tonight I took my grandfather’s wedding ring, which I wore in my first marriage, and asked Odin to cleanse it of Xian oaths as I passed it through a candle flame. (My own oath I  broke, and have paid for it. I have frith with my ex-wife who is listed on Facebook under Family.)

Tomorrow I will wash away the soot and all the rings past with pure spring water, and offer it to the Lord and Lady, to rest on my altar until I am done. Thor I shall call on every morning when I lift my Mjollnir from that same altar (I actually can’t work the clasp except I stand in front of the altar, or in front of the bookshelf at my girlfriend’s where I brought a copy of the prayer and laid it this weekend.). I will call on Odin for inspiration, and Bragi for pure poetry. The golden ring, however, will rest there always, and be ever in my mind when I enter the grove of the blessed oaks, stopping always at the grandmother oak to pray that frith and beauty ever reign in that grove, so that I and all others may daily partake of it.




2 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Many take Mjolnir as a symbol for all of the Aesir, Vanir and allied spirits. You may chose to be specific for its meaning to yourself, but expect that anyone who sees it thinks it is either a link to the whole pantheon. Others see it as a non-religious expression of Scandinavian heritage so also expect that reaction.

    Let’s do a cheer – Rah, rah, rah for polytheism. We can have more than one friend among our mentors.

    When they show up unbidden it’s an amazing experience. One I have only experienced a few times. Some I write regularly about, not all. There are folks who bring all of their contacts public. There are folks who bring none of their contacts public. I do some of each. It depends on if they tell me something and what it is they tell me.

    Fun trivia about Kung Fu – The Shaolin temples were founded by Kung Fu Tsu. Westerners call him Confucius. Theoretically atheist, he can be viewed as a great reformer of the older Chinese heathen ways rather like the theoretical atheist Buddha can be viewed as a great reformer of the older Indian heathen Hindu ways.


  2. I dedicate the Mjollnir to Thor every day because it is his symbol although i take it to represent the faith generally. Also, people typically wear such items to ward off [insert bad thing here]. In Catholicism it was once popular (may still be) to wear not a cross but scapular, which is a cloth or later plastic image of a saint with a prayer on one face (sort of like a prayer card, or a funeral card with religious image) to ward off the bad. I look at the Mjollnir in both ways. It rests at night on the altar with many other things. It is, however, for me both a warding (Thor) *and* a recognized symbol of the faith entire.


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