Mjöllnir Blessing


Champion of Asgard
Warder of Misgard
Giant bane & friend of men

Imbue this Mjöllnir
with your noble virtues
so all know by this token
it is ever my work to be

strong & courageous
honest & honorable
self-reliant & industrious
disciplined & fidelitous
& ever hospitable.

Ward all those I pledge my troth:
my love, my kin, my kindred.
Grant me the strength to act
as you would in my place.


4 thoughts on “Mjöllnir Blessing

  1. My current favorite hammer is a custom made Volund’s hammer. Nicely fitting as both a Mule-near and a smithy tool. I’m an engineer so the merge is well customized to myself.

    Nice work!


  2. I am trying to figure out what precisely constitutes a Devotional Heathen (Pagan), but the fact that this is taped to my mantel altar and spoken every morning as I don my Mjollnir means–I *think*–I am not a Devotional Heathen.


  3. What does devotion even mean? I have no good answer.

    There is no need to think our deities exist to offer devotion. I recite the Pledge of Allegiance at every lodge meeting and I don’t think USA is a person.

    There is no need to submit to offer devotion. I have watched Catholics pray to statues of saints show more submission to a statue than I can conceive of showing to the idea of Thor, yet walking with Thor I’m clearly devout.

    Somehow the votive is about the practice not about the idea behind the practice.


    1. Perhaps it is my Catholic upbringing, but I believe I grasp the concept of the devotional, that through repeated ritual however simple, in that moment of intent stillness, is a space into which the god or goddess can enter into and which you cohabit with them if only for a moment.


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