The Religion With Homework

So, I am at last admitted as a New Member to The Troth. I am not formally admitted to the Lore Program for a year yet, but I’m already deep into my reading and am filled with thoughts (gifts from the Allfather) I am inspired to write here, and realize I’m going to have to start keeping real notes if I am going to share those thoughts on this blog and pursue this next year. This is going to be right up there with tackling The Cantos of Ezra Pound in 30 days, albeit while living in a castle in the Sud Tirol. No castle hear at the Fortress of Squalitude to which I would not welcome the vættir of it’s land until I finally get around to a long-deferred, thorough cleaning. Having an excuse to bury my nose in a book is not getting a year’s accretion of dust, cigarette gunk and smoker’s candle soot off the walls, the black spiderwebs up near the 14-foot ceiling a constant reminder of why I’ll never take another job like the last.

The Homework:

First Year: The Lore: Primary Source Material
Goal: Familiarity with multiple translations of source material, as available. Thorough understanding of the Norse myths, Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic materials. Ability to communicate understanding in oral and written communication, including articles and research papers.
Required Reading:
At least two translations of the Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, Beowulf.
At least one translation of: Heimskringla, Tacitus’s Germania, Saxo’s Gesta Danorum
Secondary Source Material as needed to facilitate understanding
Required to Complete:
Lore-Based Exam (take-home)
One 7-10 page research paper on any aspect of the material above. MLA Format required. Minimum of 5 sources, including original source material.


2 thoughts on “The Religion With Homework

  1. Have fun with the Lore material!

    Remember that *everything* is symbolic with layers of meaning. For example why does Beowulf mention wrestling of all sports, when it is never mentioned anywhere else? Think in terms of kennings.

    Remember how and why we got our Lore books from the Norse. It’s not because they were the center. Quite the opposite. The fact that Iceland was a remote colony of a non-central part of the general pan-Germanic culture is exactly why the Lore survived there while it was destroyed by the missionaries elsewhere. Ponder that the one historical human in the Poetic Edda is Attila the Hun and what that means of our origins. Focus as deeply Norse or any other source faction as you like, but always remember the pan-Germanic nature of the Lore required to have Attila the Hun appear in our stories.

    Welcome to the Troth and troth!


    1. Funny, I *just* posted a lore question to the list. The role of Iceland I completely understand. The same circumstances explain how New Orleans retained it’s Caribbean culture so long and so well against the Anglo-Saxon onslaught. And as someone of German descent I am highly conscious of the pan-Germanic aspect. I think Odin thanks to the comics but want to train my mind to think Woden.


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