The Poetic Idea

As I publish some of my private rituals here, I struggle with the idea of adopting a pen name for them. As a poet and heathen, the idea of adopting a kenning-like surname appeals to me. It also allows a certain privacy, although my picture and general WordPress identity hangs up their to the right. My universalist, goddess following friend and early guide V frau Oakland is never-the-less very familiar with Heathen lore, as a person of Norwegian descent with Sami blood. She cautioned me about approaching the Grim Allfather directly, but in a moment of concern I prayed and offered ale and a spot of blood, asking for the gift of inspiration and warrior spirit to get me through the interview process. I felt my boon was granted and so I will likely sign future posts “Hail All Father (first always, a gift for a gift).

As the Spirit of Inspiration, I toyed with adding to my name altered as Marcus a surname/kenning dedicated to Odin, playing with and Old Norse dictionary. From that source I came up with:

Óðinnródd (Odinvoice),    Sannindisǫgumaðr (Truthspeaker; too long and hard to pronounced), Óðinnsǫgumaðr (Odinspeaker). Also Fólksóngr (Folk Singer, but a singer of the folk, sort of a humble sub-skald, not somebody with a guitar).

I am mostly settled on Trúasóngr: Troth Singer. I like this one a lot.

So for now, I sign off,

Marcus Trúasóngr
Hail Allfather (first always, a gift for a gift)

(Comments/votes/suggestions welcome).


3 thoughts on “The Poetic Idea

  1. On my birth certificate it has the name Freyburger. I was a practicing heathen for years before someone pointed out it’s an Asatru name. Yeah really? “Objects in mirror are closer than they seem” or some such notion that my own name was too close to me for me to have even noticed!

    Still, it does mean that I’ll never get craft names. I don’t have to get it in the grok/kenn sense. I just have to get it in the try-to-remember-the-mapping sense. This is a topic I struggle with and I have gotten dubious that I will ever manage it. Some sort of blind spot in my thought process.


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